Four Truly Fab Meetings This Week

I’m a bit fucked today. I’ve done so much last week. So many great things are growing. Photo Karen Rangeley of Me and Rachel at The Whitworth before we left for This Is Manchester Award.

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Editing Excavation Week 1 Part 4

Round 4, we talk about our choice of photos the first layer of our photo-book. Photo Karen Rangeley. I'm gonna do a big blog tomorrow a lot has happened this week.

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Editing Excavation Week 1 Part 3

These prints will end up in our photo-book. Really think about that. Our Reno photo-book. Round 3, gold and silver stars. Singularly we edit excavation week one's 32 photos down to 14. It calls for concentration. Photo Karen Rangeley.

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Editing Excavation Week 1 Part 2

I am documenting us to capture our change over 18 months. I fear it will be like watching paint dry. But I know one day it will become invaluable for us born in the ghetto. The memoirs tell of our oppression. The excavation rebuilt our community. The Reno was our theatre. We were each others entertainer…

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Editing Excavation Week 1 Photographs

We reduce 200 Karen Rangeley photos to 72, using yellow stickers.

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Naked Fonso, Ivan The Weed Thief, & Stan The Tour Guide

Reminiscing as we watch Karen Rangeley's photos of week 1, 2 &3.

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Dionne, Space Cake, And The 2016 Xmas Party

The next photos we watch in our Whitworth residency 1st week slideshow of Rude Gal's photos. Hilarious.

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The First 10 Minutes Of Our Whitworth Residency

Including proof that digging up the Reno was meant to happen.

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Evaluating Colonising The Whitworth 2017: Ed Watts and Sam Lackey

Ed and Sam curated last year's Whitworth colonisation. I asked for a residency. They championed it with their AD Alistair Hudson. Between them they decided to give us our space. Our Whitworth residency began last night with a slideshow of Karen Rangeley's photos beginning with the excavation test dig…

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Evaluating Excavating The Reno: Philip Collins Snr

I loved listening to Phil evaluate the project so far; projecting it into the future; and the personal understanding he reveals. Sorry about the lack of picture clarity: not enough light.

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