Mesmerised By Old Moss Side

St Bees St the corner of Denmark Rd. I’m quoting Miss Gail Allott tonight. Gail Allott: ‘Linda Brogan and Barrie George I completely get it when Barrie says he's in shock and that he didn't know he is so articulate When I have written comments and seen people react to them I truly feel blessed It's like…

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Reservoir Dogs

We smash it with our photo-book design. All we'll have to do is watch this film back to understand the concept when we are ready to pull it together. We are geniuses. Totally rocking this shit. #excavatingthereno #therenolive

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The First Ripples

I'm quoting @Barrie George tonight who is getting infected with poetry vibe. 'Pebble. The pebble was a random thought, that was tossed into to the pond of the Reno. The ripples from that pebble reached the ears of the arts council, Manchester council, Salford university and other contacts. as the ripple…

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What Was The Pebble That Caused The Reno To Ripple Again?

We revisit our excavation photo edit from our R&D sessions week 4. Karen asks: Do the photos we picked still have relevance?' We're in week 14. We've had a lot of discussions. We've come up with reconstructing the Reno, and filming the memoirs before we were born. How has all of this impacted on our…

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Persian Interviews Our Filmmaker John

My favourite moment yet. Real empathy between a 34 year old white boy and a 74 year old black man. Beautiful. Simple. Gold. Anybody can empathise with anybody. No such thing as fucking racism really. Not in our souls. It's a construct. Just like class. You sit anyone down with anyone eye-to-eye in the…

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Carmen Then Triggy Interview Our Filmmaker John Lloyd

John filmed the excavation, marquee celebration, and Whitworth colonisation. He films our Thursday's 2 hours sessions which I break up into these short films I post each weekday. He'll document our residency. And film our new memoirs where we get to hear about Manchester around the time of our 1950s…

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Brian Interviews Sean: Persian Interviews Sean

It's beginning to work folks. Carmen: 'With Sean, he's part of the establishment, if you like, so to open up to get to know him, it felt like he's one of us now – he knows where we're coming from, but we've had an insight into where he's coming from. A totally different life from any of us.'

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Jeff Bassey Interviews Digital Artist Sean Clarke

Continuing our journey of learning to listen ready for when we collect memoirs from the era of our birth, we practise on people we know nothing about. 66 year old Jeff Bassey interviews 31 year old Sean Clarke. We feedback on Jeff's technique. And Sean's reveals.

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It's Taken Me 60 Years To Become Me: Dedicated to CHORLTON ON MEDLOCK

Suddenly the project makes sense to me. Since October, weekly, me and the Reno 12 have been excavating, as Carmen says, our soul. Through that and monthly artist meetings we came up with our resurrected Reno to excavate below our story. We've worked out the practicalities of our gallery workshop space.…

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'Don't Tell Me About Oppression.'

Phil and Brian get a bit heated. Our last few minutes with Kamila from i-D magazine. Thanks Kamila.

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