More Fab Photos From Thursday 28th Preview

Whitworth preview 28th March. What do you think our man is thinking? Love the way he is clutching the headphones. Wonder who’s Reno memoir he’s listening to? Pic: Rude Gal

Whitworth preview 28th March. We’re here for a year. Come see. Come add your penny’s worth. Bring your Reno day photos. Do a memoir about your club. Just hang out. We won't be filming our Thursday nights no more. For 2 reasons. It limits what we say, therefore our interactions and we need to really let rip to make this year count. And you don't need to watch us any more you can come and join in. We'd love to see ya. You wanna stay in touch put your coat on. 

#excavatingthereno #therenolive #hangout #chill

My man Mr Cool himself the original DJ Persian getting ready for the big night Thursday night. Man rocked Whitworth Art Gallery to the rafters. No warm up just straight in. Pic: Rude Gal

Last. Me. I love Karen's secret study of me in Suzy M's intimate afterparty. In yesterdays' we saw Carmen's 60s influence: your sexy french women like Simone Signourey, Catherine Deneuve, and Brigitte Bardot. In mine you see the influence of the 70s activists like Germain Greer, which are my teenage years. We are all returning, thanks to digging up our youth, to the women we were meant to be. 

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