All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Thank you to all who threw themselves into campaigning. Thank you to all who voted. Sorry. We didn’t win the National Lottery Award. I am not remotely disappointed. In fact I’m relieved. I’ve no idea why. Except, we can get back to our own journey now. And I no longer feel under scrutiny. Photo curtesy…

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A Bridge Between The Ghetto & The Arts

When we dug up the Reno we changed the physical landscape. We built a bridge between the ghetto & the arts.

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A Robbed Scooter 2 Stints in Prison & An Excavation

2002 as Contact Theatre’s writer in residency I brought a gang of teens like we would have been to Contact to do a 2 weeks workshop. I’d promised them they could tell it like it is. This is my first gig as a professional writer. I’m still 2 feet firmly in the ghetto. I could write as a kid. My biggest…

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On Monday I Told the BBC to Fuck Off.

A BBC reporter tracked me down through this website, my agent, and twitter. I opened with '700 nation-wide projects nominated and Moss Side reaches the finals. Not a fucking peep. But a gun. Shots fired.'

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The Reno The Musical

Well of course it should be a musical.

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Voting Campaign What a Journey What a Learning Curve

Made a thousand mistakes. But opened up our project to the world. Marketing. A new adventure.

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My Houses of Commons Visit Shows Me Why We Need To Vote #NLATheReno

England don't make steel or boats or dig coal. Now they farm people like us to pay their mortgage. The photo is some twats fannying each other in uniform in the corridors of the Houses of Commons.

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Filming What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me Is Postponed

Not filming or posting any more 'What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me' till after voting closes. Concentrating on getting votes on Twitter where there are huge crowds. The Mayor voted for us today. Off to the House of Commons tomorrow. Looking forward to sitting on a train with a magazine in my hand…

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What Digging up The Reno Meant To Me: Linda Brogan

When I look at the video I did to promote the project compared to how relaxed I am in this one I don't even recognise myself. It has been life changing. This weeks Friday blog. Interviewers are John Lloyd the excavation filmmaker and his new 'posh' wife Mrs Kirsty Lloyd the excavation archaeologist.

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What Digging up The Reno Meant To Me: Jeff Bassey

Jeff's dedication made that marvellous night we had in the marquee possible. Don't underestimate how much our mecca shining back at us was feeding our spirit.

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Excavating The Reno: Susie Prouse

19 October, 2018

Excavating The Reno: Sarah Cattell

18 October, 2018

Excavating the Reno: Alphonso Buller

17 October, 2018

Excavating The Reno: Bryan Sitch

16 October, 2018

Excavating The Reno: Pat Gilbert

15 October, 2018



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