What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me: Ivan Smith

Everyday, I could absolutely rely on Ivan.

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What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me: MCC's Sarah Elderkin

Sarah got the council to let us dig up the land. She cried when she saw the exposed Reno the morning of the marquees. That's how emotionally involved she was. Part way through the interview you get to understand why.

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What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me: Volunteer Margaret Wells

Margaret excavated the Reno with us. An amateur archaeologist's perspective. Her exposed brickwork cleaning is second to none. We got down to Girlfriend in the Whitworth after party.

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What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me: Two Top Ladies: Myra and Carmen

As part of my Art's Council funding I have to evaluate what we did. Instead of ticking boxes I've filmed people. Not just us but the professionals involved too. I'm beginning with these two. You all know 'em. Take it away girls.

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The Reno is going to The House of Commons

Get on this folks. Totally surreal. Click on to read the letter.

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Excavating The Reno is a National Lottery Award Finalist

CONGRATULATIONS to us. VOTE TODAY. Been sat on this news for a month. Almost killed me. We have to win this by vote. Links and rules below.  Share, share, share. Make it your goal today to get 100 beside you to vote.

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Aged 17, I Entered The Reno Fresh From My Boyfriend’s Murder.

Aged 17, I descended the stairs of the Reno fresh from my boyfriend’s murder at the hands of his other girlfriend. I was six months pregnant. I aborted it.

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3 Massive Meetings This Week

3 Massive Meetings this Week. First, Saturday: Manchester History Festival. Second, Tuesday: the Reno crew most loyal to the excavation to decide what to do with our Whitworth space; and our artistic crew who will help us do it. Third, today: The Whitworth staff. Totally lost my anger. Everything is…

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The Reno @ Manchester History Festival

Doing a chat tomorrow. Part of the Manchester History Festival. Yes, you read that right, the Reno is part of Manchester history now. I think tickets are gone. Our slot is in Not The Factory: Manchester's other Electronic Music Histories. Tomorrow at 12:00pm. Manchester Central Library Performance Space…

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The Reno@ The Whitworth Our Space

If all goes to plan this will be our beautiful space for at least 6 months. Those sculptures will be gone. And we will be a living exhibition as we turn the material we already have into a work of art. The glass ceiling is already in bits.

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Filming What Digging Up The Reno Meant To Me Is Postponed

16 July, 2018

What Digging up The Reno Meant To Me: Linda Brogan

13 July, 2018



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