The Reno 12s Dreams For Our Project

I'm gonna open with Colin Horniman's comment on my last blog: Harvesting Moss Side. When I say the guy nailed it. 'The white middle-classes are a species of their own! No wonder you are angry. They cannot conceive of anybody who is different from them. They patronise 'others' on a mass scale and can't…

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Harvesting Moss Side

9 are at the table. One says: ‘I have a strong spiritual side, leadership, respect.’ They are deciding how they are going to harvest Moss Side. There are 9 of them at the table. They are all fairly hippy. One has blonde locks. They’ve all got style. They aren’t stinky like the old version of hippies.…

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Fuck Racism

I Am A Man, Sanitation workers assemble outside Clayborn Temple, Memphis, TN, 1968. © Ernest C. Withers. Courtesy Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA. Printed in the Smithsonian Magazine. #excavatingthereno #therenolive

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Linda Brogan & The Reno 12s Whitworth Invitation To You

You know when I knew I'd truly done a great thing producing the Reno memoirs, excavation, celebration, backfill, when my daughter @Rachel Lawrence said minutes before this photo in the The Whitworth colonisation on 23rd of November 2017 'You've smashed it mum.' I look overjoyed. I'm all about legacy.…

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Moss Side's Collective Consciousness

In 2015 the collective consciousness of Moss side believed they could not achieve anything, that all avenues were closed to them. I’m sticking my neck out here, but maybe the average Reno person had a inkling of shame associated with going down there, fostered by the collective societal consciousness…

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Don't Smoke Weed In The Tea Break

Especially if you don't smoke it any more. And you're supposed to be the person in charge. Proper laughing.

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Crabs In A Kerosene Can

This has been a really interesting week. I’ve had some mental understandings and I don’t always know how to tell people what I mean. It began in the Royal Exchange. There are a lot of assumptions made to keep society’s engines running. I get that. What would happen if you threw all the rules away?…

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What Was Your Club Called?

After long negotiations The Reno and The Whitworth have agreed what our workshop should look like. It is to a really high spec. It's gonna look spectacular. Not one bit like a community project. Like they are giving us anything. Like they are doing us any favours. But, like the most poshest workspace…

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What Are We Not Enjoying?

What are we not enjoying is my question to the Reno 12. Their answers are in our video. I spent today teaching writing in the Royal Exchange to retirees over 70. You know my angle.  I was recruiting people from different backgrounds to film their memoirs when we move into the Whitworth. Their memoirs…

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Our One Night Stand Is Becoming A Relationship

Photo curtesy of Karen Rangeley taken in the Whitworth 23rd of November 2017. A contentious one night stand. We were wary of the Whitworth. They were wary of us. Even to the point of covering their precious historic art with tissue paper so we could obliterate them with our Reno memoirs. It turned into…

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The Reno@The Whitworth Goes Official

12 April, 2019

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05 April, 2019

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Delirious With Tiredness, Happiness and Satisfaction

29 March, 2019



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