Beneath the grass on the corner of Moss Lane East and Princess Rd lies a legendary, 1970s, Moss Side cellar club: The Reno. A civilization, with its own black market, social structure, king and queen, all frustrated artists. Wall-to-wall half-caste the first born on mass in the 1950s no blacks, no Irish, no dogs. Stigmatized by the 1930s Fletcher Report: ‘‘Offspring of interracial alliances suffer from inherent physical and mental defects.’ Demolished 1986. 

Crossing the poppy filled site, I sat to remember. A play couldn’t capture the nuances.

2016 I filmed  Reno memoirs. Posted them here. Word of mouth 45,000 interacted.

2017 October 9th to 28th, with partners MCC and Salford University Archaeology we excavated the Reno. 300 participated over 15 days. 80,000 interacted with our daily progress videos. 800 attended our all-night celebration on site. BBC North West, Granada Reports, BBC One Show, Manchester Evening News, and Guardian broadcast us to millions.

2017 November 23rd, 1500 who do not engage with the arts colonised the Whitworth to view our memoirs, excavation footage, and photos obliterating their art. Our artefacts sat in their museum cases as we danced to Reno DJs in their main hall.

2018 we were finalists in 6 seperate awards.

July: The Heritage National Lottery Awards http://www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/project/excavating-reno

8th November: This is Manchester Awards.
Individual Making a Difference in the Community
14th November : The Manchester Cultural Awards  
Manchester People's Cultural Award [in conjunction with Manchester Evening News]
15th November: Northern Soul Awards
Northern Writer of the Year!
Best Exhibition of the Year [We Won highly Commended]

Let me tell you why we excavated it

Follow our journey through these pages.

Where we started.

Where we've ended up. 

Listen to our memoirs.

Watch our excavation.

Engage with our Whitworth residency diary as we get ready to occupy our space.

October 2018 to March 2019, every Thursday for 6-30 till 8-30 the 12 Reno Regulars most loyal to the excavation, the artists who helped us document it, and the Whitworth will R&D our upcoming residency in the Whitworth Art Gallery. 

March 2019 to March 2020, this beautiful Whitworth space above becomes our home. As a living exhibition we'll develop a visual langauge using our memoirs, excavation photos and footage, archival photos, artefacts, and art from the Whitworth's collection to tell those nuances I couldn't work out on my own at the start. Details here http://thereno.live/linda-brogan/2018/09/21/we-got-the-arts-council-funding-for-our-whitworth-residency/

Art's Council England plus additional funders logos run across the bottom of our blog. I am extremely grateful to them. 


Mental Illness

14 December, 2018

Resurrecting The Reno Floor Plan

13 December, 2018

Can You Tell I'm Getting Angry

12 December, 2018

Whitworth/Reno Negotiations Begin

11 December, 2018


10 December, 2018



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