The Reno, simply put, was a legendary, rocking, funk and soul, 1970s cellar club in Moss Side Manchester. Deemed notorious or a rite of passage. To us ‘half caste’ born into 1940s/50s no blacks, no Irish, no dogs it was home.

I am a multi-award winning playwright. I've been resident in The National Theatre, Contact Theatre, Peterborough Maximum Security Prison, and Askham Grange Open Prison. As a Reno regular, I’ve been tempted to write a Reno play for many years, but I couldn't capture the nuances. Instead I harvested the Reno itself. 

2016 I collected our memoirs.

2017 we excavated the actual club with Salford University Archaeology.

Picture by Kirsty Lloyd is the excavated Reno's fountain of youth calling its community home. 

2018 we were finalists in 8 awards.

2019 we are resident in the Whitworth Art Gallery March 2019 to April 2020.

2020 we will transform all we unearth into a 2021 MIF ‘musical’.

Impressive hey!

We are in the middle of redrafting our Whitworth walls.

So they talk to each other, answer questions, tell our story themselves. 

Our teen montage on our Whitworth gallery walls captures the nuances.

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Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do the other. Fuck Off.

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19 January, 2020

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05 January, 2020

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08 December, 2019



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