Thank you for your interest in my work. The Reno, simply put, was a rocking 1970s cellar club in Moss Side Manchester. Deemed notorious or a rite of passage. To us ‘half caste’ born into 1940s/50s no blacks, no Irish, no dogs, it was home.

As a multi award-winning playwright, and a Reno regular, I’ve been tempted to write a Reno play for many years. What held me back were the intricacies of the nuances. My way around that was to harvest the Reno itself.

2016 I collected our memoirs.

2017 we excavated the actual club with Salford University Archaeology.

2018 we were finalists in 8 awards.

2019 we are resident in the Whitworth Art Gallery for 12 months.

2020 we will turn our heart into a 2021 MIF ‘musical’ with international Gecko.

Impressive hey!

We are in the middle of redrafting our Whitworth walls.

So they talk to each other, answer questions, tell our story themselves. 

What do I want from you? I want to harvest your interactions.

Visit. Chat. Tell your clubbing memoirs. Watch our Reno memoirs excerpts.

Full memoirs are tagged beside our blog. Read it. Comment. Help us write our story.

Your varying backgrounds hold the societal nuances. 


2 Friends of The Whitworth Visit The Reno 12 Aug 8th

21 August, 2019

Academic Madeline Peden Visits The Reno 12 Thursday Aug 1st

20 August, 2019

The Moss Side Riots: what was that about? 2nd post show discussion

19 August, 2019

5 Wonderful Days

16 August, 2019

Dedicated to Julie Hand

09 August, 2019



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