Excavating THE RENO

 The Test dig 07-10-16

That African-Blue paint, my friends, is the back wall of the Reno. The one our legendary DJ Persian's stage was on. To the left as you stood facing it were the 3 top tables. Our court. Some never got presented. To the right were the knights. If I remember rightly it was a square table. But they never sat down. And when they did we knew there was something wrong. But that is all part of our story.

The Project

Beneath the grass on the corner of Moss Lane East and Princess Rd lies a famous Moss Side basement club: The Reno. A civilization, with its own black market, social structure, king and queen, all frustrated artists. Wall-to-wall half-caste as I still prefer, the first born on mass in the 1950s. Stigmatized by the 1930s Fletcher Report: ‘‘Offspring of interracial alliances suffer from inherent physical and mental defects.’ Demolished 1986. Before they build on it next year, we're gonna:


  • Collect our video memoirs on this website. 
  • An online audience comment: impossible on Netflix.
  • We'll gather photos and memorabilia, build a memorial wall.


Excavation & Installaiton & Colonisation 09-10-17

  • 9th to 27th October: we’ll excavate the Reno: screw, battered chair, strip of dance floor, imbued with our epic story.
  • 28th October: we'll party on its exhumed dancefloor. 
  • 31st October  In its heart bury a time capsule of the excavation, art installation, and memoirs footage. 
  • 23rd November colonise the Whitworth Art Gallery with Reno archive and artifact.


Documentary & Exhibition

  • 2018 Make all collected footage into a documentary.
  • 2019 Archive and artifacts will be exhibited in Manchester Museum as a civilization.

First let me tell you why

Funders & Partners

Excavating The Reno is a new ambitious project by Linda Brogan. Funded by Art’s Council England, Nick Hern Books, Manchester International Festival R & D, Rochdale Literature Festival, Blue Moose Books, Contact Theatre, One Manchester Housing Association, Battersea Arts Centre, and The Royal Court R & D. Partnered by Manchester City Council, Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery. Overseen by Salford University Applied Archaeology,


Linda Brogan is a multi award-winning playwright. On attachment at the National Theatre, and Contact Theatre. Produced at Royal Exchange, Royal Court, BBC Radio, Arcola, and Traverse. Her last play Speechless did a critically acclaimed 4* UK tour. Linda can be contacted at www.theagency.co.uk.

We Have Excavated The Reno  

Saturday the 28th of October 12 till 7 

Our free open day. Come see the site, see our finds, meet the people who excavated it. 

10pm till 7am join us to celebrate.


Tickets available on eventbrite.


Funds raised cover colonising The Whitworth Art Gallery on 23rd November 2017.


Tony Cole

17 November, 2017

One Day and One Week From Today We Will Again Make History: Dedicated to Tony Cole

15 November, 2017

People Who Made Excavating The Reno Possible

13 November, 2017

Long Goodbye

03 November, 2017

Day 16: Dedicated To Legendary Reno DJ Koolie

30 October, 2017


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