The story training has worked. We're allowed 8 from 26 off week 3 photos. We examine and discuss the individual photo's relationship to the other photos on our table; to photos on other tables; to week 1 and week 2 edit in their narrative line on the tables behind us.

Me: 'Each photo tells a story.'

Barry: This is not telling anything really. 

Had a great meeting with Whitworth Artisitic Director Alistair Hudson. We discuss the £8 pencil. Its elitisim. The barrier it creates. Uploading our video diary, including swearing, to the Whitworth Gallery Facebook page to attract a Whitworth-centric audience.

'If I was Steve McQueen the Whitworth would be really grateful I want to show our process. And potter Grayon Perry swears more than I even can.'

'What harm can it do?'  

And how our residency shouldn't end with just an exhibition but with something going back into Moss Side. And possibly keeping our gallery for other Manchester Facebook groups to have exhibitions in their true voice. Attracting more working class audiences to this art gallery. Making them feel entitled to enter other art galleries. How we should all be able to enjoy such a beautiful space.

Went to BBC Radio 5 in Media City to be interviewed by our very own Simone Riley. Her first daytime slot. Big up to Simone for bringing a sister on board. Note to self: control all future interviews to get out what I want to say. Nobody's fault. We ran out of time before I alerted a huge BBC audience to our Whitworth Residency. Thought we had another 10 minutes. 

Must always remember my objective.

All is not lost met the MIke Sweeney a part of our childhood. He loves the project. Been following it. In fact the whole office has: now asking why they haven't got us in sooner. Mike and his producer are going to bring us back on with more time. He was a Nile lover himself. I would say he is a bit of an idol to all of us. Proper down to earth nice working class Salford guy. 

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