21st Nov Whitworth We're Launching Our Commemorative Book

Quick. Access your diary. 21st November write 6 till 9 the Whitworth. Look cool. Drink wine. Dance to original Reno DJ. Have your breath taken away by our Whitworth revamp. And buy our BOOK. After mingling of course. Maybe you'd like us to sign your heirloom. There will only ever be 500.

Been working on narrative all day. My job. It's sounding good. Real designers are finalising the graphics with me and Rude Gal Friday. She's working on which excavation pics to include as we speak. I'm proper excited. 

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Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do the other. Fuck Off.

26 January, 2020

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19 January, 2020

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12 January, 2020

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05 January, 2020

Masterpieces Week 2: Stardom Finds Suzy

08 December, 2019



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