The Moss Side Riots: what was that about? 2nd post show discussion

The first of 5 films that show The Reno at The Whitworth's growth in resolve, understanding, and the power to affect change. Manchester History Festival asked us to respond to the 1819 Peterloo Massacre bicentennial byline: Freedom, Protest and Democracy. 1819 becomes 1981. 1981 gives you the riots. We filmed the memoir of a cop PC Ian Mack who served; balanced with Melba Finni who was 13 at the time. We'll screen this film when we're finished using it to question the riots. This is our 2nd post show discussion. Some illuminating stuff. Persian shows us the older Jamaican gentleman, not the Reno DJ. Including a little love story. Photo John Lloyd.

Honour: 'The fact that it is unwitting testimony is revealing. In his [ Pc Ian Mack's] attempt not to be prejudice, exactly the opposite. He's revealing all the things he doesn't want to reveal.' 

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