Our One Night Stand Is Becoming A Relationship

Photo curtesy of Karen Rangeley taken in the Whitworth 23rd of November 2017. A contentious one night stand. We were wary of the Whitworth. They were wary of us. Even to the point of covering their precious historic art with tissue paper so we could obliterate them with our Reno memoirs. It turned into a top night for all of us. And now here we are: three weeks away from moving in with them for 12 months minimum. Their assistant curator Nikita, who is, interestingly, one of them, but also one of us, asks: 'how are we feeling?' Persian: 'I'm feeling very optimistic about what we can achieve.'

Persian: 'Well it's been a very important part of my life for so many years and for it all to come back to life again. I'm feeling very optimistic about what we can achieve, you know, because we thought it was the end till Linda got her thinking cap on and started the whole process and everybody's excited who can look back at that time and realise it was a very important part in our lives both socially and personally. It's brought it back in focus.' 

Susie: 'I don't think anybody realised how important it was until all this has started.'

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