Day 14

Just been crying in my flat. What am I gonna do next week when I can't boss loads of people around?

Spiritual. From Princess Rd the site looks like the remains of a banked temple cut into the side of a rock. It is beyond gorgeous. Better than I could have ever wanted. It says so much about us and who we were. 

The Gods. First they left it untouched when all the ground around has been ransacked over the last 30 years. All that survived was our little corner. The rest of that site has been churned beyond all recognition.

Artifacts. So what would we need to find for it to be classic Reno? We'd need the rubber off a turntable. Check. We'd need a weed. Check. We'd need some flares or to give them their proper name, loons. We'd need a champagne bottle to signify the change when we turned cocktail. We'd need Special Brew cans. Check. And to underscore everything of course we'd need a Spin Inn bag. You couldn't script it better.

But better than all that is we need each other. Hugs, kisses, laughs, something we built years ago has been given fresh breath. I used to love this character called Vanda in the Mandy. Every week she would have to return to her fountain of youth to resurrect herself. She was 400 years old really. We have exposed our Fountain of Youth. We have been kissed by it again. 

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