Persian Interviews Our Filmmaker John

My favourite moment yet. Real empathy between a 34 year old white boy and a 74 year old black man. Beautiful. Simple. Gold. Anybody can empathise with anybody. No such thing as fucking racism really. Not in our souls. It's a construct. Just like class. You sit anyone down with anyone eye-to-eye in the right environment, they'll find a moment of connection. Celebration marquee pic by Karen Rangeley.

John: 'We've got this thing in the Reno where it's like white and middle class. I'm from fucking Longsight. I got a lot of stick when I meet people because I don't, I'm not like, 'awe, yeah, I'm from Longsight.' Loads of hand gestures. 'I don't talk like that. The true version of myself is this.'


Persian: 'I understand what you're saying because I'm from Jamaica and I don't speak like a typical Jamaican . . . 'What happen man. Where you a go.' I can do all that but you know I wasn't taught to speak that way. So I can see where you are coming from.'

It's just so random what they empathise about and so real and the depth of their connection in that moment and everything it means about their identity what is stereotypically meant for them and who they really are that it takes me by suprise.

Triggy takes it a step too far: 'D'you know what I get told. You sound like a Jamaican.' 

Still fucking laughing. 

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