The First of The Clubbing Memoirs: The Albany Deptford by David Brind

Dave: 'We see a real drunken rant by Eric Clapton . . . August 1976 in Birmingham . . . back to Enoch Powell's River of Blood. And another suggests there should be a facist leader in this country and that's David Bowie.'

We offered visitors to our Whitworth Art Gallery exhibit/space the opportunity to do a memoir of their best clubbing experience. Dave, part of the Whitworth's visitor team, offers the Albany in Deptford. Burnt out because of its left, multicultural leanings. 

I'd forgotten the nature of the times. The mood of the country in 76 through to 81. Dave surely reminds me. And boy does his memoir put our memoirs in context. 

The Albany Deptford Rock Against Racism

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