Do You Want To Help Tell Our Mancunian Story?

Do You Want To Help Tell Our Mancunian Story? To contextualise our mixed race story. When were you born? Before 1937 is particularly interesting to us. Both black, and white, and mixed race people. Come join us when we take up our gallery in the Whitworth March the 15th to register. Fab photo of our…

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My Dad Couldn't Read or Write

And in one generation look at who I am. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. I mean that things can change. Feeling psyched from my new coaching course. I do shit loads of self-help. But do you know what was the highlight of my day: laughing with Melvyn who gave me lift from the Whitworth about the…

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When we got home last night Philip Collins Snr wrote: 'Was a wonderful evening ...anger soon turned to laughter !!!!...and the raging bull felt very comfortable with my brothers and sisters...outbursts are very invigorating !!!...we are on a fantastic voyage of discovery of ourselves and am delighted…

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English History From the Mouths Of Those Who Have Lived It.

Not from a History book. As Sean says we will be collecting the history of England over the last 100 years. And contextualising our story within it. Bit ambitious. Laughing. Love it. It is gonna be fab. Guess who that innocent Reno chappie is and his little sister.

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Truth and Reconciliation

4 years ago in psychotherapy when I was trying to understand why I allow myself to be a doormat, why the white middle class director thought she could bar me from my own rehearsal, why I quaked inside instead of standing up to her, I learned a technique called mentalisation that made me feel entitled…

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Rivers of Blood

Enoch Powell wrote the Rivers of Blood cos his wife shagged a black man. You heard it here first folks. Photo is Reno memoirist Laurence Beddows in nursery with Reno head Rashid Finni. Innocent. Before Maggie's first act of stealing school milk.

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The Lose of Community

We left 2018 talking about mixed race mental illness. We enter 2019 with a plan to unearth its cause. A technique I learned in psychotherapy called mentalisation – listening then processing, instead of assuming and reacting. To help us contextualise our half-caste Reno story in the fabric of society.…

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Let's Recruit New Soldiers

Robert said 'everyone talks about the past, what about now?' That, a Transwoman, a Asian woman covered in spit with a Paki husband ‘The Long Story', & recycling the Whitworth’s William Kentridge installation become the Reno.Live TV show.

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Mental Illness

The ladies' discussion gave us half caste. The men's gives us mental illness.

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Resurrecting The Reno Floor Plan

We've had the marvellous 'half-caste' rant, we've discussed our workspace in situ, the Whitworth/Reno negotiations began, I got angry, and here we're a little bit deflated. But not to worry I've spent all week making sure our design goes to plan.

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The Reno@The Whitworth Goes Official

12 April, 2019

Sleeping Beauty

05 April, 2019

More Fab Photos From Thursday 28th Preview

03 April, 2019

A Night We Won't Forget 28th March 2019

02 April, 2019

Delirious With Tiredness, Happiness and Satisfaction

29 March, 2019



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