Nigger's Moll

Imagine what it was really like in the 1950s when our white mams met our black dads, and we were born, cos it persisted right into the 70s. Here's proof.

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Nikita takes us to see William Kentridge's 'Thick Time' the reproduction of a Paris hotel room where Trotsky lived when his speech was banned. The banned speech plays in a 'window'. Trotsky's political views are being given voice today. It feeds the design ideas we've just manifest.

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One Sink

We're gonna transform our @WhitworthArt gallery into a workshop. We're gonna transform that into the Reno. We're gonna transform ourselves along the way. You're watching both transformations. Each night is a step with only our blind faith leading the way.

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Weighing Up Our Space

The Reno 12 enter our space, currently occupied with an Alice Keppel exhibit, to weigh up how it will work as a workspace where we conceive, design, plan, and build our Reno exhibition.

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The Meaning Of Art

After we’d meticulously choose the chairs we will have in our workshop once we’ve taken over our space, [laughing], and we’d looked at our space, and then came back and blasted down our ideas on paper, and gone down for our coffee, and didn’t received any cake, nearly lost the plot, Nikita took us into…

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Fuck Him & His Boots

Barry has begun 2 new careers: a sex symbol, and a photograph curator. Look how calm we are now we know what we're doing. Photo Karen Rangeley. Film John Lloyd.

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The War Cabinet

That picture is 70s hot. Iconic Renohead photos will add context when we pull our photo-book together. We are using the excavation photos to practice working as a team: pictures tell a story: together they create a narrative. We're cooking on gas by the end of this video. Leaning over our photo edit…

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The story training has worked. We're allowed 8 from 26 off week 3 photos. We examine and discuss the individual photo's relationship to the other photos on our table; to photos on other tables; to week 1 and week 2 edit in their narrative line on the tables behind us.

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A Beginning, a Middle, & an End

Myra sums it up there has to be a beginning, middle and an end in our photo-book. Does our story begin in the past when we are teens? Or with the excavating our club, our artefacts, our teen selves? Does it begin with the cabins arriving as Cottier says?

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A Story

The last couple of weeks have been about sharpening our machetes. This week is the first true cuts. Last night we cut through the undergrowth of just picking pictures because they are nice pictures and we like their look, to the understanding they have to tell our story. The jungle ahead of us has never…

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Our One Night Stand Is Becoming A Relationship

15 February, 2019

Mesmerised By Old Moss Side

13 February, 2019

Reservoir Dogs

12 February, 2019

The First Ripples

11 February, 2019

What Was The Pebble That Caused The Reno To Ripple Again?

08 February, 2019



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