A Beer A Dance or A Cup of Tea

If I die before you, do not let this man come to my funeral. Only partially joking. Those who were at Tony's funeral today will get it. Those who were in the Reno will get it. But let me tell you something if he didn't show up and he didn't put on a show you would be mortified. It would feel like you…

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The Reno 12 Discussing our Moss Side Riots Enquiry

The 5 films I have shown this week are the hump of the rollercoaster. We have been chugging up hill, chugging up hill, chugging up hill, building up steam. From this moment on we will be in exhilarating freefall.

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The Moss Side Riots: what was that about? 3rd post show discussion

Riot memoirist retired Pc Ian Mack joins us for our Moss Side Riots enquiry.

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2 Friends of The Whitworth Visit The Reno 12 Aug 8th

2 Friends of the Whitworth come to visit. I’ve been to visit them the Tuesday before. A bunch of posh ladies, and a shy bloke. In this video we feel like their equals. We don’t sell our selves. Shit. In fact we listen to their grievances. And incite them to riot. Laughing. It ends up being really funny.…

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Academic Madeline Peden Visits The Reno 12 Thursday Aug 1st

Academic Madeline interviews us for her Master's Dissertation. Each of these films screened daily this week lead directly to us understanding our space, our mission, the evolution needed to fuse them into art. A lot is going on internally. In our minds. In our emotions. In the space itself to get our…

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The Moss Side Riots: what was that about? 2nd post show discussion

The first of 5 films that show The Reno at The Whitworth's growth in resolve, understanding, and the power to affect change. Manchester History Festival asked us to respond to the 1819 Peterloo Massacre bicentennial byline: Freedom, Protest and Democracy. 1819 becomes 1981. 1981 gives you the riots.…

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5 Wonderful Days

5 months into our residency. 5 fantastic films to show you next week, one each night, that chart the evolution of our resolve, understanding, power to affect change. Gonna tell you about 5 wonderful days this week that evolved our actual Whitworth space. That is our authentic 70s wallpaper supplied by…

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Dedicated to Julie Hand

A white MG pulled up, with spoke wheels. Someone, who looked like Mike Jagger got out. They had a vest on. And low slung jeans, with a hammer pushed in their belt. They had tits. It was a woman. They climbed up onto the roof of our disused corner shop and fixed it. That is what a woman can be? It…

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The Moss Side Riots: What Was That About?

38 years ago they tried to hold an enquiry. None of us went. We didn't trust them. The government. The police. We were too young. We lost our community. Let's look at it now. Film our own enquiry. Find out how it defined us from there on in.

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Dedicated To Tony Bello

Shocked. Like we all are. One guy who did it all right. Ate well. Exercised. Gentle. Positive. Never gossiped. Generous. Stylish. Handsome. You never know the moment. But he's given us a parting gift. We'll all be together again. To celebrate all he was. My condolences to his children. Obviously that…

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