Masterpieces Week 2: Stardom Finds Suzy

We love it. Given the choice of an intimate Xmas Party on the 19th, including Bruce Juice, or our art work, you've guessed it. I know, you can't believe it. We choose finishing our work. All pics Rude Gal aka Karen Rangeley.

Brian didn't come last week but he too is soon bitten with the painting lark.

Wash done.

First stroke.

Landscape developing nicely.

Sue's asking the universe for inspiration.

I know, she thinks, I'll do a self portrait.

Melba's hair thinks, that's a good idea I'll do one of me. 

Suzy Moo is concentrating. She has a lot to live up to, shooting her mouth off as the resident art critic all week in the following 4 episode of What's yuh shit worth at the Whitworth. 

What's yuh shit worth at the Whitworth Ep 1: Kentridge

What's yuh shit worth at the Whitworth Ep 2: Buchler

What's yuh shit worth at the Whitworth Ep 3: Landy after Cezanne

What's yuh shit worth at the Whitworth Ep 4: Emin

Suzy's emerging masterpiece has been likened by more than one to Monet. I'm beginning to hate her. 

Us painting, by John Lloyd. Our masterpieces will be unvieled 2 weeks from now. 

Can't comment use Chrome. 

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