Thursday's Photos, Footage & Book We Launched

As the winners of the 2019 'Outstanding Contribution' to Manchester Culture, last Thursday we launched Excavating the Reno the book, free to anyone online. Those who were there know the launch was epic. Those who weren't observe and weep. Laughing. Pic by Rude Gal.

The launch photos taken by Karen Rangeley begin with us getting ready for the night. And some beautiful shots of our Whitworth exhibition. I particularly love her artefacts. Press on the first one and it will make them flip for you. 

Our film shot by John Lloyd also begins with our beautiful exhibition, and enters the rocking launch.

Here is the link for Excavating The Reno, the book.

Free to everyone online.

It takes a minute to download.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

If it were published, the book is professionally designed to be the same shape as a 12 inch single/album. It will come out of a cardboard sleeve like an album. It will have a beautiful secret design at its heart. However, because of its high spec, it will cost £50 each to publish, if 500 were interested. There will only ever be 500. A imited edition. 

People have been asking for a printed copy. We're thinking of opening a Kickstarter. You would pledge £50 for your copy, plus P&P. Or you could pick it up from our exhibition in the Whitworth. The £50 wouldn't be taken from your account until we reach our target of £25,000. If we never reach it the book just doesn't get published. You don't part with a penny.

If you are interested leave your name in the comments then we get an idea if it is worth us creating the Kickstarter. 

The last word I give to Helen Ryan Lewis. 

'The exhibition is still there till March but Thursday was a book launch It would be great if you go as the more that support it the better. And this time we can’t say the arts don’t include the likes of us if the likes of us don’t include ourselves when they do. Linda Brogan opened the door, sometimes even kicking them down, so now it’s up to us to seize the chance for inclusion with both hands.'

Can't comment use Chrome. 

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