Academic Madeline Peden Visits The Reno 12 Thursday Aug 1st

Academic Madeline interviews us for her Master's Dissertation. Each of these films screened daily this week lead directly to us understanding our space, our mission, the evolution needed to fuse them into art. A lot is going on internally. In our minds. In our emotions. In the space itself to get our space ready for September 12th. Our wings will be beautiful. By screening these films we are inviting you to join us in our pupa and experience an internal transformation too. Photo our filmmaker John gearing himself up.

Madeline wrote to us: 'I am currently a student at the University of Manchester conducting research for my Masters Dissertation project: digital strategy in affecting the accessibility of the art gallery space for marginalised groups. Your residency at the Whitworth is particularly engaging and directly related to the topic I am researching.'

Me: 'I learned today, right, [August 1st] that if I was doing an installation upstairs and the 2nd installation we're gonna do in September, even if I do hardly anything each of them's gonna cost £20,000. . . . £40,000 is a 1/3rd of a mortgage.'

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