Walking The Walk

Fuck all to say really cos I've got a weed hangover. Just a tiny little nugget.

Walked the walk yesterday not just talking the talk. Beautiful day. Me and the Reno 12 sat outside in Whitworth Park under the Whitworth cafe, smoking weed [ don't usually any more.] Listening to pure tracks. Suddenly I was hit with the profoundest feeling. This is the Reno, music, weed, friends, laughter. This is our culture. Which caused a fundamental internal shift. When I went inside the Whitworth stoned, sunglasses on hiding slits for eyes, to make everyone who wanted one a brew, It felt like my space, our space too. That we had a right to be there. Like I was walking in the big house with my head up expecting no one to find me out. And I love that this feeling of deep deep security in who I am, we are, began in the intimate moment pictured above with my oldest friend. Who would certainly have told me by now if I was acting the cunt. 

Before I forget, had 2 amazing conversations with students using the Reno at The Whitworth as their PHD case study.

Manchester's Madeline Peden research is: the role of digital strategy in affecting the accessibility of the art gallery space for marginalised groups. She thought ours was affective. The most amazing things she said though was she really enjoyed watching our Reno 12 Thursday nights. She singled out the one where I ask the Reno 12 what do they want from the project. She said it was like being a fly on the wall. Together we understood the value of these videos being watched by people like the Art's Council and all those that say they want to decolonise the system. She's watched everything. Read every blog. But never comments because she feels like our website is for us. But I assured her what would be the point in that. She should comment so we can reply. I would love that we spark these conversations in cicles wider than us. 

Indiana's Catherine Mullen is a music anthropologist. She is fascinated by how music is archived. The most striking moment with her was a sentence about who curates these things. Whoever makes these decisions are the historians. And realising in this case that is us. We are our own historians. Think about that. 

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