1819 to 1981 After Show Discussion

On Saturday 15th June we screened 1819 - 1981 likening the Peterloo Massacre to the Moss Side Riots through the memoirs of PC Ian Mack a serving officer during the riots and Melba Finni who was 13 at the time. This is the after show discussion provoked by the issues raised.

Suzy Mousah: 'I don't think we realised the police were frightened at the time.'

Indiana Music Anthropologist Catherine Mullen, Kate: I found really interesting putting all the different perpectives next to each other and seeing how they were all happening at the same time . . . it's not easily defined what's right and wrong.'

Manchester History Festival Artistic Director Karen Shannon: 'There was a sadness for me. . . . You do need to have that explosion otherwise something else horrible will happen.' 

We'll be screening 1819 - 1981 again on Thursday 18th July 2 till 3-20. Discussion 3-30 till 4-30. Come have your say. Central Library Performance Space. https://peterloo1819.co.uk/event/1819-to-1981-2/ 

In partnership with Manchester History Festival, funded by One Manchester to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of The 1819 Peterloo Massacre In Manchester.  Huge thanks to PC Ian Mack and our own Melba Finni.

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