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Here's Twitter reviewing our exhibition workshop. We've begun its evolution. In the 1st half of our video MMU lecturer Anze takes us through creating our November fashion show. In the 2nd half I take us through creating our September temple that will house our fashion show. And we've had 2 international offers. Sorry the sound is terrible.

leanee Coyle @leeleecoyle Mar 19

@ExcavatingReno Great to speak to you and Stevie today and good luck with the amazing project at @WhitworthArt


Quarantine‏@QtineMcr Mar 24

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt and 2 others  Sounds great Linda. Hope we can come... Richard x


Museum ID Magazine‏ @MuseumID Mar 26

As anyone who heard Linda Brogan speak at Museum Ideas last year knows, this is going to be a must-attend exhibition: The Reno at the Whitworth http://bit.ly/2HVfEt #MuseumIdeas


Beth Taylor‏ @MsBethTaylor Mar 26

What an ace lunch hour today. I wandered over to @WhitworthArt to see the exhibition about the Moss Side nightclub The Reno and ended up chatting to Linda Brogan @ExcavatingReno who was hugely instrumental in the incredible excavation


Mark Evans‏ @EmarrEvans Mar 26

Replying to @MsBethTaylor @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt 

Did they find one of my loafers?...


Beth Taylor‏ @MsBethTaylor Mar 26

Replying to @EmarrEvans @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

Did you go?!

Leeanne Coyle‏ 

Leeanne Coyle Retweeted Linda Brogan

Hey Manchester people! Support local art and get along to the launch of this incredible exhibition. Unlike anything I've ever seen inside a museum. Please spread the word @annieemery and @jimbutterworth


Mark Evans‏ @EmarrEvans Mar 27

Replying to @MsBethTaylor @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

Oh yeah. Reno and it's sister The Nile. Along with an assortment of 'blues' houses. The Moss was buzzing back then.


Beth Taylor‏ @MsBethTaylor Mar 27

Replying to @EmarrEvans @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

Amazing! You should go along to the exhibition!

Mark Evans
‏ @EmarrEvans Mar 27

Replying to @MsBethTaylor @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

I should...haven't had a warm Red Stripe in years!


Pat Mellow‏ @pat_mellow Mar 27

@ExcavatingReno Hi Linda. I was just going to email you regarding the possibility of an interview. It's for an on-going project about black musical culture in the North-west. Can I snatch five minutes of your time on the evening to say hi and chat? Pat Mellow


Kemi Olivia Alemoru @kemioliviax Mar 27

This is one of my favourite commissions from our @galdemzine print mag last year by my love @NeelamTailor. Speaking to @ExcavatingReno and others in Manchester on why they dug up an underground mixed race clubbing haven from their youth: gal-dem.com/the-reno-whitworth-gallery-manchesters-lost-mixed-race-clubbing-haven/ …


Manchester's Finest‏ @McrFinest Mar 27

REVIEW: Richard Morris went down to the @WhitworthArt to check out the new exhibition on Moss Side's legendary RENO CLUB http://www.manchestersfinest.com/arts-and-culture/reno-club-moss-side-whitworth/ …@ExcavatingReno

Linda Brogan‏ 

I hope you are on your way we are about to kick off. The Reno @ The Whitworth Thursday 28th March 2019 6 till 8pm BE THERE


Museum-iD Magazine‏ @MuseumID Mar 28

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt and 4 others 

Very best of luck this evening Linda - it will be brilliant! Can’t wait to see the exhibition!


Dr Megan Leyland @MeganLeyland Mar 28

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt and 2 others 

Looks like an amazing collaboration. Hope the preview goes well tonight. I'll have to make a visit when I'm in the area!


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

The joy + enduring power of Black UK folks. At the Opening of Excavating the Reno curated by community @ExcavatingReno has taken over @WhitworthArt soundscape w/ DJ! Cherelle + Alexander and Joyce Sims downstairs setting the vibe for the exhibit upstairs


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

This project is totally collective. The space changes from person to person based on what they curate from memory Afroville Football group to the excavation site. Follow the website for details http://thereno.live/linda-brogan/2019/02/26/moss-sides-collective-consciousness/ …@WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

What a community of mixed folks do to survive being ostracism and come of age with joy and pleasure of being alive. [The music hasn't stopped yet and you know folks are dancing @WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno #TheRenoLive


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

The Hearth, The Dice, the Domino and totally apropos: Encore by Cheryl Lynn on the (digital hey!) turntable @WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno #TheRenoLive


Steve Devine @stevedevine Mar 28

Great to see the rewards of ?@ExcavatingReno and Linda’s digging deep. Reno ?@WhitworthArt


Steve Devine @stevedevine Mar 28

Engagement in a gallery isn’t always easy to spot. Sometimes it is. @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

Pure smooth moves happening here not a misstepper in the mixing crowd. "Keeping on doing what you do gotta get next to you!" Bo Kirland and Ruth Davis (UK) #TheRenoLive @WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno https://youtu.be/9t_c82RqfKI 


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

Chaka Khan's 'Ain't Nobody' fills the floor all ages and all genders ...[and what a joy to be with my UK side peeps folks singing along no holds barred] #takeover @WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno #TheRenoLive


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

It's 8:05 pm.... the People and music continue on and on and on and on we are still rocking it with The Gap Band "Outstanding" @WhitworthArt @ExcavatingReno https://youtu.be/dpcHpfPUsPo #TheRenoLive


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 28

Aww ....we got the musical cue from the DJ....the heart of the party is packed away till next time. Thanks to the crew around @ExcavatingReno 'for offering yourselves both as witness *and* for us to witness' and @WhitworthArt #TheRenoLive Updates at http://thereno.live/about 


King Design‏ @Kingspirazion Mar 28

Replying to @ExcavatingReno

I was raised in Manchester, now in Canada, BC, It's worth noting this place was bulldozed for a reason years back, it was a hell hole, an absolute den of iniquity in the worst possible way. Often we romanticize places & events, but its good to realize past places need burying.


Upping It!‏ @UppingIt Mar 28

@ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt Well done Linda, Carmen & all the Moss Siders past and present for a great launch to the year long exhibition. Tonight former Reno goers danced with their children and grandchildren and brought local history to life. Great to see what was dug up.


Truda Spruyt‏ @TrudaSpruyt Mar 28

Great evening @whitworthart Came for the main event #ajoyforever, which was really good but particularly enjoyed @ExcavatingReno - archaelogical dig of a dear departed nightclub


Mark Evans‏ @EmarrEvans Mar 29

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @MIFestival and 2 others 

Great launch....took me right back there. Esp the tunes. Some naughty boys on that photo montage....


Ed Watts‏ @Ed__Watts Mar 29

Ed Watts Retweeted Steve Devine  

That’s not engagement, that’s ownership  ?@WhitworthArt ?@ExcavatingReno


Tangents‏ @ChambersNadine Mar 29

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

It's clear one has to keep returning - the collective has taken a set X by X gallery space; made it inviting w/ couches +tables for reasoning as well as an on-rotation (DJ-like) set so it's like a number of exhibits/songs in the time the Reno lives there. Conceptually BRILLIANT


Sarah Feinstein‏ @1000plateaus Mar 29

What a brilliant exhibition! Congratulations to @ExcavatingReno and @agms10 graduate Nikita Gill. Really looking forward to how project evolves during its residency @WhitworthArt


Kerry Pimblott‏ @DrPimblott Mar 29

Last night was the launch of a dynamic exhibition @WhitworthArt focused on the Reno - MCR-based club + cultural hub. Great to see colleagues and students taking in the sights + sounds from excavated objects to oral histories. Big shout out @ExcavatingReno + all collaborators


CHATArch‏ @CHATArch Mar 29

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

Exhibition looks amazing. Do come and tell us all about it at #CHAT2019 in London. Call for submissions is very soon. Will keep you posted.


Kerry Pimblott‏ @DrPimblott Mar 30

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

no doubt. Expect to see some of my students back in the oral history section soon!


Kerry Pimblott‏ @DrPimblott Mar 30

Replying to @DrPimblott @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

Actually, I think you already emailed me last week. So don't worry, I have it and can send this along. Big thanx again for an awesome opening night.

Leeanne Coyle
‏ @leeleecoyle Apr 2

@ExcavatingReno Hey Linda, I'm looking for you to point me in the right direction for 2 specific memoirs. I've emailed you when you get a wee sec. Hoping to submit the Russell Kane podcast today - due out Thursday 11th April :)


Herbarium Manchester‏ @Aristolochia Apr 3

Wednesday collections team meeting: admiring the brilliant new exhibitions @WhitworthArt: Joy for Ever, Ancient Textiles from the Andes and @ExcavatingReno followed by a cuppa and discussion in the café


Campbell Price‏ @EgyptMcr Apr 4

Really struck by the echoes between modern objects excavated from #TheReno @WhitworthArt & the same sorts of things @McrMuseum from the ancient Egyptian town of #Kahun. Both, in their everyday banality, meant something to their users. #museums #Manchester


Leeanne Coyle@leeleecoyle Apr 8

Episode 1 (Series 2) of the @artfund podcast #MeetMeAtTheMuseum is now available! @russell_kane plays a blinder at @WhitworthArt in Manchester with his Auntie Christine. http://smarturl.it/MeetMeAtTheMuseum …… Never laughed so much on a recording. Thanks to @ExcavatingReno


MikUS‏ @M100P Apr 9

Replying to @ExcavatingReno

Spoke to Kola last week and can understand his view and opinion on the #excavatingthereno after all it was his family who was behind its creation and who run the club in the day.

Art Fund
‏ @artfund
 Apr 11

How do someone's trousers end up in a museum?  ?@russell_kane and his auntie get a guided tour from Linda Brogan (?@ExcavatingReno of the surprising relics from the Reno nightclub. Listen to their visit to ?@WhitworthArtin full on ?#MeetMeAtTheMuseum ?smarturl.it/MeetMeAtTheMuseum …


Esme Ward‏ @war_esme Apr 13

Love love love Excavating the Reno @WhitworthArt Heart and soul in that story and space @ExcavatingReno @magwagdirector


Tony Butler‏ @tonybutler1 Apr 15

Replying to @ward_esme @ExcavatingReno and 2 others 

I heard Linda Brogan talk about this a @MuseumID conference last October. A wonderful project. The crowd did know what hit them with her presentation. Just what @heritagelottery is for


Shadepodcast‏ @Shadepodcast1 Apr 16

We LOVED interviewing @ExcavatingReno Linda Brogan in episode 7. Check out the exhibition! Go! Brilliant insight into Moss Side mixed race community in the 70’s 80’s http://www.mancunianmatters.co.uk/content/300377954-reno-exhibition-qa-mms-nostalgia-trip-remember-moss-sides-forgotten-history …

CHATArch‏ @CHATArch Apr 17

Hey @ExcavatingReno CHAT Conference details launched #CHATmethod. We'd Love to hear about the #Reno project.


 Campbell Price‏ @EgyptMcr Apr 23

Such a pleasure to talk to @ExcavatingReno about her life, work and brainchild #ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt. Already planning some collaborations and provocations @McrMuseum ... #decolonisation


Mike Nevell‏ @Archaeology_UoS Apr 24

Dr Mike Nevell Retweeted Dr Mike Nevell

One of the successful projects to Dig Greater Manchester is @ExcavatingReno 1970s & 1980s nightclub generated by the local community for the local community #CIFA2019 @VolComArch


Vanessa McDermott‏ @nowthenvanessa Apr 26

What an amazing & emotional project @ExcavatingReno - I can’t wait to see what happens over the course of the year. Love it. http://www.thereno.live @WhitworthArt


Venessa McDermott‏ @nowthenvanessa Apr 27

Replying to @ExcavatingReno @WhitworthArt

I was blown away & really moved by the whole project. So powerful that people brought together by a place can then, years down the line, bring that place back to life. You could just feel the love x


Ffi Evans‏ @Ffi___Ffi 4h4 hours agoMay 6

@WhitworthArt hands down the best, most inclusive visit I’ve ever had. Modern history, social research and cultural identity in @ExcavatingReno #Reno is completely spectacular!! And then...students from my old school @hyndburnacademy in the Ruskin exhibition! More of this please!

And last but not least our fame is spreading. 

Reno Fame is international folks: Amsterdam

Dear Linda,

My name is Johny Pitts - I co-founded Afropean.com, a journal dedicated to telling the stories of the Afro-European diaspora. On Saturday, June 22nd we're putting on a day of events in Amsterdam all about the notion of intergenerational dialogue. We have confirmed Bernardine Evaristo, Minna Salami and a group of brilliant poets lead by Fusion. We should be able to confirm the Last Poets soon.

I wondered if you'd be interested in taking part in a panel discussion all about how we create an archive of information for future generations? We are big fans of the work you're doing with the Reno and think you could add much to the discussion. We could offer travel, accommodation - the panel will be around two hours long.

Really hope you're free and up for joining us,

All best,


Reno fame is international folks: Spain
Hi Linda!!
Good news you are going to spend some days here in Spain!!
Since I consider your work in the Renos dico a job all archeologists in Spain should know about I was wondering if you would mind to give some kind of talking here.
The easiest thing would be in Madrid (I know a lot of people that would be pretty kind to here from you) if you want or could be in Alicante too. (Trip and hotel would be free for you of course)
Let me know if you mind to do it or if you just want to have some surely diserved resting days here in Spain.
Jesús Martin

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