Guest Blog By Reno 12 Carmen Jones

The journey begins. Carmen tells of her first day hosting our gallery. In this glorious pic Carmen looks like an Egyptian princess who has climbed out of her display cabinet to read about herself on our wall. Pic Karen Rangeley last Thursday when we first saw our fabulous space

Carmen Jones:

Exhibition Space.

How I felt walking into our space.
Excited, proud yes proud & happy.

This is another chapter on our journey,
The people who walked round looking in the glass cabinets at our artefacts.
Parents with kids listening to memoirs
sat in our lounge on our sofas.

The people I met.
Walking into our space seeing Steve Cottier sat talking to Geoff Brown an historian, who organised Rock against racism back in 1978.
Kerry Pimblott a tutor who wants to bring her students to meet & talk to us.
The past meets the future.

David Webber- Actor.
Jane Langley - Founder & CEO of Blue Patch. Pop up shop in the Whitworth.
She said what we are doing is fabulous, wishes some thing could happen like this in London where she lives.
She will follow our progress, join us on the 28th March for our launch night.
We talked about how the idea got started, I explained our journey & how
the pebble in the pond started & our fountain youth.

Time stood still
Time passed so quickly
Monday 18th March xxxxxx

Hope to see you 6 till 8 Thursday 28th.

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