Maxine Bellini's Blow Out Reveals the Truth About The Reno

What conversation would I have if I didn't talk about race? Been running round and round in my head. Then an answer. All the Excavating the Reno FB Group posts about bad shit done to black people has finally driven someone over the edge. Accusations of white privilege done did for Maxine. Thank God we were able to bring her round. And during our rescue, excavate the Real truth about the Reno. Polaroids taken by Karen Rangeley AKA Rude Gal. Film by Mr Lloyd. Shit little video by me. 

Maxine Bellini: Linda Brogan has been a massive inspiration to me..and I was looking forward to sharing my experience of discrimination towards myself as a transwoman. ..but i feel personally that this group is not where I belong. ..... after taking a lot of shit from certain people I feel this is not my platform..I'm white trans and I don't belong....maybe I've missed the point ...I'm sick of feeling guilty for the cour of my skin..

Dionne Richardson: So sorry you feel like this

Philip Collins Snr: Whoever as been abusive towards you ?...should be reported to the administrator...As a group we are strongly opposed to all forms of discrimination !!!...All races and sexualities exist within the group whilst I understand your dismay...Don’t think your being fair citing your sexual gender being problematic in this group ?...The Reno had all types of human beings attending and you would have been made welcome...Phil ( Reno 12 )

Sabina Quarcoopome: Name and shame them

Maxine Bellini: Hiya guys just to put the record straight it's no one on here ....sorry if I have gave that impression...

Dionne Richardson: Ok Maxine ,hope you are ok xxx

Helen Donald: Hi Maxine. I'm really sorry you feel you that you not part of this group ,I'm absolutely positive you are more than welcome ,and your input on discriminating are more than valued regardless to your gender...sending big Hugs to you and please talk to linda and all the guys on this journey ,and im sure you will fell different . ...have a lovely day x

Maxine Bellini: It's just a couple of experiences I had recently ... I'm sorry if I gave the impression it was on here it wasn't......

Maxine Bellini: Over analyse sometimes and it doesn't do me any good....

Dionne Richardson: Well just know that you are always welcome here xxx

Karen RangeleyMaxine as a relative newcomer to the group, (I got to know about the Reno, its story and its fabulous people in 2016) the one thing I would say the project is about is Belonging. Everyone’s story has value and we would love you to continue the journey with us whether virtually or in real life. If you feel up to it come and introduce yourself to us at the Whitworth gallery. Xx

Carmen Jones: Hi Maxine Bellini , we welcome everyone, stay strong & positive.
Leave the negative people to themselves xx

Maxine Bellini: Thanks for all the support guys. . I'm ok just get low at times .. we all try and stay strong but sometimes certain little things get to us ..and I dont always react in a positive way...xx .. i love this group and everything it has achieved. .. i let 2 recent incidents get to me which involved comments about white people and our poor history towards the colonies in the past.... it made me feel that I should be apologetic and ashamed....we can't change the past .... someone referred to me as being privilidged because I'm white...
Me born in moss side. .brought up in terraced house with an outside loo in Trafford Park in the centre of an industrial estate .. started working as a cleaner at the age of 13... left school with no qualifications at 16 and started work straight away and I've been made redundant 5 times and took shitty jobs that no-one else would do just to stay in work. . Nothing has ever been handed to me In my life ... I lost a mansgenet job when I came out as trans because "I didn't fit " I paid for myself to study and got management and engineering qualifications part time at night school while working 60 or 70 hours a week in a shit job on shit pay ... and some wanker who has barely worked in his life calls me priveliged because I'm white .. it takes a lot to upset me I take a lot of crap from people because of who i am...I handle that and get on with my life but this just topped me over the edge.. .I was taught that we get nothing for free in this world we have to work to hard to get it.. no one has ever handed me a job on a plate and no one ever will... I got those jobs with perseverance and hard work ..
If that's privileged to some people then the world is upside down...

Sabina Quarcoopome: Don't EVER take on anyone else's negativity!! Leave it with them, and stick with US 

Maxine Bellini: Why can't we be just one race...the human race..we should all feel proud of our heritage but I find it difficult Sandra. .. it's been a battle coming to terms with my gender I just don't need to feel this way but I do xx 

Maxine Bellini: Even now in 2018 pictures of slaves on Facebook being hung by white landowners in the dark days of slavery tear me apart and the disgraceful treatment of the WINDRUSH people by a sociopathic government who have no regard for these people who have live and worked here all their lives and as British as I am. .how can I be proud to be white 

Maxine Bellini: Anyway. ..I'll leave it hear's my issue and I need to come to terms with it. ..thank you for your support xxxx

Gail AllottMaxine Bellini just look at all these amazing comments from people who don't even know you as long as you're in this group your never alone. Life is fuckin hard and yes our ancestors have alot to answer for, but that doesn't mean we have to be held accountable for it. I think you may be over thinking things as for any one who sends online abuse well there ignorant haters who have nothing better to do in their lives. You hold your head high and live your life to the max. Best wishes my friend 

Shed Fergie: Hey Max, if you wanna go to the Whitworth exhibition come with me, I’m definitely going. Just let me know and we’ll sort summat out. ????

 Linda BroganWell Maxine Bellini, I am proper laughing you are definitely one of us, you've just had a full blown blow out still laughing. Right let's go back to the Reno folks. Maxine's looking fab all dolled up because ours trans-women before there was even such a word, and we had a few, felt well comfortable enough in there to do that. One too many brandies goes down her neck the next things she's on the turn for something that is fuck all to do with us but she's having it anyway. We'd have buzzed off it. Of course she would have become one of us. The minute she walked in and felt entitled to have the paddy she was one of us. Congratulations Maxine still laughing you've just proved you are indeed one of us. Unstable to fuck. But having it. Love you girl and don't be so daft. if you think I'm not gonna film your story you've another thing coming. I'll hunt you down and get filmmaker Junior Lloyd to kick your fucking door in. 

Gail Allott: Linda Brogan fuckin love your reply you smashed it my friend were all mentally unfuckinstable in one way or another. That's why we're all so unique and as you so rightly said she's just proved to be one of us. Love your response though, u gotta laugh 

 Linda BroganGail Allott I'm still laughing about it. Yeah, that's what we had in common a fucking flare for the dramatic and totally unique and we loved it about each other. In fact it wasn't a good night if some cunt didn't go on the turn.

Linda Brogan: Hey Dionne Richardson, Philip Collins Snr, Sabina Quarcoopome, Maxine Bellini,Helen Donald,Karen Rangeley, Carmen Jones, Gail Allott, Shed Fergieif no one has any objection I'm gonna turn this thread into tonight's blog. I need to know within the next hour. The most fucking truthful thing we've said since we began this journey. Fuck all the worthiness. The dramatic nutter in us, laughing, loved the dramatic nutter in them, more fucking entertaining than Morecomb and Wise. Laughing. I just hope in the Whitworth we create that atmosphere, just like it was at the dig, we just loved being together. <3 <3 <3

Gail AllottLinda Brogan go for it let's see what people come up with. Can't wait to be entertained by the madness. 

A little reminder folks: our mum's are white.

Jeff's idea of the modern photo superimposed on the Reno collage as our Fountain of Youth album cover didn't work. Still fabulous that he had the idea. But here's 3 fab group photos we took doing it, and the video of us taking them. 

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#excavatingthereno #therenolive

Our space is really coming along.

3 days to go till we occupy it.

And begin our 12 months tenancy. 

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