What Are We Not Enjoying?

What are we not enjoying is my question to the Reno 12. Their answers are in our video. I spent today teaching writing in the Royal Exchange to retirees over 70. You know my angle.  I was recruiting people from different backgrounds to film their memoirs when we move into the Whitworth. Their memoirs will contextualise our memoirs. In other words their memoirs tell us more about ours. Will illuminate ours. #excavatingthereno #therenolive

I use a simple teaching method I worked out years ago to access their subconscious. Tell me something you couldn't live without when you were 17? Then they have  5 minutes to list 12 things they associate with that object. Then 15 mins to write 2 x A4 pages beginning when I was 17 I wanted to be. 


They were all rebels. Well apart from 2. Just like us. One was even a Beatnik. Another a Mod. Got their names and email addresses. They're coming to join us in the Whitworth to put their story on film to contextualise ours.

As I dig deeper, I'm becoming obsessed with finding the similarities not the differences. I'm obsessed with finding the reasons why we should connect. Do connect. I'm obsessed with removing that feeling that they are better than us. Outside the trap of who they thought they should be they are searching for who they really are, just like us. They miss their community, just like us. 

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