Combs dug up in the Reno excavation 2018. The afro comb and the straight comb side by side. Photo by John Lloyd. 

Brian Interviews Phil. Phil Interviews Brian.

We're practising our interviewing technique ready for when we take over our Whitworth Gallery on March the 15th 2019 where we'll hopefully interview you.

We're really interested in filming the memoirs of people born before 1937. 

a] We're looking for English to tell us about an England prior to 1947.

b] We're looking for African and Carribeans to tell us about living in their own countries prior to 1947.

c] We're looking for English to tell us of the anticipation that must have occured when you were waiting for their ships to arrive. We're looking for African and Carribeans to tell us of their journey across that sea.

d] We're looking for you both to tell us about those early moments of working together, shopping together, getting on the bus together, buyng a pint together.

e] We're totally interested in love across the nationalities. Maybe just a little flirt. Maybe you were full on. Doesn't even have to amount to much. And of course given our colour we're really interested in the 'half-caste' babies born. Did you arrive in England to find your husband now had kids to a white woman? Where you a white woman who's family never spoke to her again because of her relationship with a black man. And even more rare around 1947 onward were you a black woman with a white man. Now that one I'm really interested in. 

But also, to really contextualise our Reno story, we need to hear from other Manchester clubs around the time. 1968 to 1986. What club was you going to in Manchester? What did that mean to you? Was it a community? Couldn't you wait to get dolled up and go there? Your story helps to tell our story. Our story helps to tell yours. It's like strands in a weave. A Manchester Tapestry. 

Think about how interesting it will all be.

Comment below to register your interest in us filming your memoir.

Come to the Whitworth Art Gallery from March the 15th. 

You will actually be able to write your name on a timetable. 

Get yoursef scheduled in. 

Practising our interviewing skills

Brain Interviews Phil

Phil: 'I must have collected 500 albums, a 1000 singles, but I had a roving eye so any time I had a domestic I had to keep taking them with me. There was too many. I had to give them to my eldest son. He's still got 'em all.'

Phil interviews Brian.

Phil: 'So you don't like a mature woman?'

Brian: 'I've been with a few mature women let me tell ya . . . '

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