1960s Denmark Rd Market. The England we were born into. No blacks, no Irish, no dogs. Mums ostracised by her family. People's spit in our prams. Divided by our mum's roast and dad's yam. An England that called Myra a Nigger's Moll in the middle of the 70s.

Mental Illness

The ladies' discussion gave us half caste. The men's gives us mental illness.

Phil: 'Is that down to conditioning as society, or is it because you've crossed an African with a European? Hear me out. Some white people in their minds think like that. I've been sectioned twice.'

Me: 'I had psychotherapy 4 years ago for 18 months.'

Carmen: 'I had a breakdown many many years ago.' 

Jeff: "They made the white people the top. The Indians the second. And the Africans the bottom.  It was their country they were in.' 

The Irony

Received December the 11th 201, 60 years after I was born in the above conditions.

Dear Linda,
I was given your email address today by Steve Devine. And I am writing to suggest that we might do something together - the Friends and the group who have been finding out about the history of the Reno.
I am the organiser of the Friends' Sunday afternoon concerts at the Whitworth. We hold about six concerts each term at 3pm usually in the South Gallery. Normally the performers are students from the RNCM. Do come sometime and listen!
My thought is that we could have a concert of "Reno" music. Does that sound a good idea? The musicians could be students - or would you have a different suggestion? If it were students - please can you give me a list of the music that might be appropriate to play so that I pass that on to the college. My thought is that the concert would take place in the summer term - after Easter - or perhaps later.
If that sounds like a good idea - let me know. And if you want to discuss this further give me a ring or we could arrange to meet at the gallery.
Best wishes
My reply.
Rosemary this is so preposterous in a beautiful way it has to happen. I would love it to be RNCM students. But I would like them to reinterpret Reno music with an orchestra. You do know it is soul and funk? let me know how many tunes they would play and we will get a playlist of our favourites over to you. A nice sunny day a bit like Glynbourne with strawberries and prossecco would be beyond words. I am so pleased with your offer. As soon as you get back I will put the offer on our website. And of course we should meet.

I was supposed to wait till Rosemary got back to me but couldn't. I'll let you know the developments.

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