Editing Reno excavation week 2 Part 2

Okay folks. We are making history here. In 2016 before our memoirs, our excavation, our wicked celebration, our Whitworth colonisation, standing over a Whitworth Art Gallery table eating fab cake, drinking tea and coffee made for us as we choose the pro photos we want in our photo-book that will act as our catalogue for our Whitworth exhibition in our own space, that will give us the set for our ‘musical’ was fucking unimaginable. Think about that. It deserves a fucking round of applause.

Just look at how relaxed they are. I'm smiling as I write this. I'm so fucking proud. Next week though I'm gonna up the anti. I'm gonna get them to think deeper. For now I just love the way it is all coming together. How everyone is so engaged. How everyone can come out of this with real artistic aspirations if we play this right. 

I love design. I designed the big picture of the residency. Watching this, them working in couples, I know it is time to get up close and intricate and design the smaller picture.

I am always in a movie where I am a hero. I am riding at the head of my army. Marching away from the ghetto stereotype of can't do into the new epic land of can.

These wonderful people are my generals. They earned that right with their loyaly to the excavation. I want them to have artistic epaulettes of their own by the time we leave this project. I want them to lead platoons of their own. My new intricate plans are about that design. 

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