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Made a thousand mistakes. But opened up our project to the world. Marketing. A new adventure.

The memoirs and the excavation caught fire word of mouth. Whispers in the ear. Marketing was entirely knew to me. To you too. I'll know better next time. Should start with all your existing contacts I found out. But if I had we wouldn't have accumulated all these wonderful public endorsements on Twitter. 

28th June: Granada reports 

2nd July: Manchester Museum

3rd July: Cotton

Built our website. 

4th July: Evan Davies

Student me, and Phil Collins Snr did a documentary with.

4th July: The Agency

My agent

9th July: Royal Exchange Theatre 

10th July: James Thompson

Vice Dean Of Manchester University 

11th July: Emily Rowles 

Moss Side Councillor.  Age Friendly are helping to fund Whitworth.

11th July: One Manchester Housing Association 

Helped to fund excavation + are funding Whitworth residency.

12th July: Museum ID

International conference where I will represent The Reno in Oct.

13th July: Manchester International Festival 

Part funded excavation + Whitworth residency. We’ll work with them in 2021.

13th July: One Manchester 

Starts a campaign of their own.

15th July: Gary Scott

Famous visual artist

15th July: Craig Oldham

Who will design the Rough Trade Reno book.

16th July: City Life 

16th July: The Mayor

16th July: Alex Whinnom

Not sure if this is a piss take. 

16th July: Tribe Arts  

Will be meeting them soon.

16th July: Mahadi Sharif-Mahamed

Moss Side Coucillor. Him and Cllr Emily Rowle brought on board most MCR Cllrs, Moss Side’s MP Lucy Powell and Whallet Range MP Afzal Khan.

17th July: Rough Trade Records 

Who have commissioned a book about the Reno.

17th JulyThe Whitworth Art Gallery

Where we will have our residency and stage our exhibtion. 

18th July: Mike Nevell

Director Of Salford University Archaeology who excavated the Reno and was by my side throughout campaign 

21st July: Lucy Powell MP

Moss Side’s MP

22nd, 23rd, 24th July: Louis Emerick

[Lou Grant] Brookside and Reno. An invaluable 2 way conversation.

24th July: Contact Theatre

Who helped me write the memoir Art's Council proposal. And commissioned my promotional interview.

24th July: Afzal Khan MP  

Whalley Range MP [My MP]

25th July: Home Manchester

26th July: Manchester City Council

Who lent us the land.

26th July: MIF

Post reminder.

26th JulyManchester Cultural Partnerships

26th July: Amateur Archaeologists 

Who helped us excavated. They loved it.

26th July: Manchester Evening News

Emily Heward who wrote an excavation article.

26th July: Andy Burnham

Our Mayor as himself.

26th JulyLottery Good Causes

Who staged the competition.

27th July: The Whitworth Art Gallery

Post reminder. 

27th July: Museum ID

Post reminder.

 27th July: Z-Arts

Gives you a feel of my Twitter journey. Loads of their followers retweeted their endorsement posts.  

They now know about us for our Whitworth Residency, Whitworth exhibition, and Musical. Of course the Reno should be a musical. With our soundtrack!!!!! I've had a lovely week thinking about how utterly fabulous it could be. Not just loads of actors on a stage and the audience looking at them. But an immersive musical. The audience go to the Reno. And just like in the Reno loads is happening all around. It depends where you are looking what show you see. And we are played by Moss Side teenagers. Contacted the huge theatre company who will translate these thoughts. Got lunch date in September with the huge arts organisation that will commission it.    

Was interviewed by the wonderful Neelam Tailor today for Gal-dem magazine print edition They are a new powerhouse. Mentioned all over the place for their innovation. Like us I suppose. Giggling. They found us through our campaign on Twitter. Will let you know when it is published. 

One last thing. Madness. Woke up with a mouth covered in scabs. Rang my doctor. Debbie the receptionist said: really funny hearing your voice on the phone when I've been watching the videos all week.' I must be honest part of me hated marketing. But it has definitely given the project a new lease of life. She was the 4th person last week to tell me they had visited the site for the first time. 

Who'd have thought we'd have seen these 2 images together 

Huge thank you to all that voted, to all who campaigned for votes, to all who kept me company on our first time out. We did great. We will do sensational next time. I know loads this side of the fence. Will let you know results as soon as I know. Oh, I did do all my contacts as well. I mean all of them. Smiling. 

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