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It is proving harder to get women to do an interview. So, on the Reno Media Page, I'm gonna post the podcast interviews I did on my journey, as encouragement. Here's the first, recorded on 30-06-16. 

I want to dig up the Reno because it will actually cost around £200,000 all told. That is a lot of money in our broke arse, working class, sons and daughters of immigrants lives. The first option is to pay the bills, always. To spend it on art is a total waste of money. But it isn't. Art is not a waste of money.

Art is a really powerful propoganda tool.

Earliest known image of Jesus: Coptic Museum Cairo

Now, imagine, if over the centuries Jesus and his disciples wouldn't have become blonde. The world would have found it harder to enslave black people and treat them like dogs. To gun them down in the street. Because as this painting shows they have an interior world, a spirual world, therefore they are human.

Now our videos do that too. They show that people from our walk of life: broke arse, working class, sons and daughters of immigrants, have an inner world, thoughts, a spiritual world. And people from our walk of life who may not have gone down the Reno are interested in those worlds that reflect theirs, and they can relate to.

The actual exavation will draw attention to these videos. More people will relate. And it will start a gradual revolution. That our kids and grandkids will think they have a right to express their inner worlds: and waste money turning them into art on the global table.

So women you are not showing yourself up, or being boastful, or revealing anything that won't be for the betterment, that won't be nurturing in the end. Honestly appraising our heritage will change our legacy. 

And I would really appreciate any thoughts on any issues I have raised to be posted below so it remains part of our archive and is not lost under a Facebook avalanche. 

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