Reno Video Memoir: Tommy Brogan and Danny Sarge

Change of Pace. Laugh a minute. THE RUDE BOYS.

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Reno Video Memoir: Paul Agbaku [Moorish Moorish]

Me good good friend

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Reno Video Memoir: Marcus Layne and Dave Brennan

Old mates.

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Reno Video Memoir: Ann Sarge

When her then husband Brian rescued me from the Civil War of 1981, Ann was my good good friend. She'll always be in my heart.

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Reno Video Memoir: Persian, Cottier, and Lati

Two legends and a half-caste. Look what it did to him.

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Reno Video Memoir: Linda Jawando

A Reno barmaid. A big sister to many of us.

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Reno Video Memoir: Lati

A man so famous he don't need a second name.

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The Ship's Engineer

Myra Trigg rang me last night. She'd been in the Wesley secondhand shop on Lloyd Street. Phil's family were wondering why I hadn't been in touch. I called in this morning, camcorder in hand, to apologise after thinking about my huge oversight all night.

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First Reno Video Memoir Trial: Steve Cottier

Exactly what it says on the tin.

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