Day 8

At first I was bothered about selling the 28th event tickets. Now I am bothered about the right people having the tickets. That is Honey Blue Forshaw. Dionne Richardson's daughter. Granddaughter of the Reno. Staring at grandpa Triggy. We should all be there. Us who went, our kids, our kids kids.

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Day 7

Site looking gorgeous. Has to be seen to be appreciated. As Elliott Macauley said today in a Facebook post: went down the Reno. Man does he look good. Feast your eyes girls.

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Day 6

Classic Reno. Two beautiful blondes rocked up. 10 denier tights. Long legs. We went out the window. But boy they could work. Cleared out a whole section on their own. Angela, and I am really sorry can't remember the other name. Be really grateful if you would put your names below in the comments.

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Day 5

Archeologist Sarah Cattell said when she was leaving: 'it's not like leaving a normal site it's like leaving a club.'

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Day 4: Dedicated to Francis Pereira Who Would Have Been 70 Today

The site looks like a Roman Temple site. The atmosphere is glorious. You have to come down. I'd love you to dig. But just come and chill if you're on disability. LOL x

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Day 3

Sorry folks for late publication I fell asleep all evening. Not been sleeping. Too excited.

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Day 2

28-10-17 we are going to transform this hole we've made into a theatrical Reno art installation. Ticket and description of my vision available on Eventbrite. Links below. Book now. Once in a lifetime.

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Day 1

We filmed loads. Need to get used to editing and uploading quicker. Here's a little taster. Did you see us on BBC Northwest 6-30? If not its on Iplayer for the next 24 hours.

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