Chapter 6. I think I took for granted love was in the bag. 

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The Reno at Manchester International Festival

Chapter 5. A rollercoaster week. Piss myself right off on Monday. Off my knees by Friday. Answers given to me by the engagement with the project itself.

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Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t do the other. Fuck Off.

Chapter 4. As far back as 2003 I've been trying to lead a revolution. Got a right fucking painful brush off. As far back as 2006, teaching in prisons, I've been accidentally practising for the Reno memoirs. And the other night in Suzy Mousah's Moroccan influenced shed the future suddenly made sense to…

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Chapter 3: A Plate of Chicken

It felt like time to tell you how the project came about. I'm attempting a formal book-length memoir: serialised weekly here. This is chapter 3. Chapter 2 was last week's blog. Chapter 1 was the week before. Also we launched our podcast this week, examining the project so far: who we were, who we are…

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Brother Lee's Retirement Cake

Okay, encouraged by the fab response to my writing last week, and cos my mind ain't full of our Whitworth Exhibition, I'm gonna attempt to write my journey as a book, using the same headings Why Do I Write? 500 words, Belonging and a Sense of Place 500 words, and Past, Present and Future 2000 words,…

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Looking Ahead By Looking Into The Deep Past: Jamaica 1973

The Royal Literary Fund have commissioned me to write a 3000 word article guided by 3 topics. 1] Why do I write? 2] Belonging and a sense of place. 3] Past, present and future. Here it is. Having a few weeks to myself have been wonderful. I spent them peacefully. Decided to ditched the self help, pick…

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Masterpieces Week 2: Stardom Finds Suzy

We love it. Given the choice of an intimate Xmas Party on the 19th, including Bruce Juice, or our art work, you've guessed it. I know, you can't believe it. We choose finishing our work. All pics Rude Gal aka Karen Rangeley.

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Painting, Glueing, Having a Ball

Of all the things we have ever done in this residency, this is my favourite. Our favourite. Making art with Paul Dodgson, Whitworth's head technician, an artist in his own right. D'you know how I know, we didn't demand our 7-30 tea-break, we didn't even notice 7-30 had come, past, and gone. I want you…

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Excavating The Reno The Book

1970s context, memoir excerpts tell @WhitworthArt evolution; excavation; celebration, Reno mapped in artefacts, memorial, conclusion. 4 years squeezed into 100 iconic pages. Printed, a 12 inch album, you take from a cardboard sleeve. Digitally, free to everyone. Enjoy!

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Thursday's Photos, Footage & Book We Launched

As the winners of the 2019 'Outstanding Contribution' to Manchester Culture, last Thursday we launched Excavating the Reno the book, free to anyone online. Those who were there know the launch was epic. Those who weren't observe and weep. Laughing. Pic by Rude Gal.

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