Season 3: Stan Finni

Awe look at him. We was going really deep when the bastard needed a piss and then we couldn't remember where we were. LOL. We had a top time.

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Season 3: Ray and Julie Da Silva

Another sofa. Another time. These two have aged well. A Reno love story.

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Season 3: Fonzo Buller Part 2

It takes an hour for him to tell us about his meeting with Bob Marley, but it's worth it.

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Season 3: Bryan Evans and Selwyn Nartey

Okay all you future memoirists, Bryan bought me huge chocolates, and Selwyn a silk flower in a gorgeous little thick glass bottle. His wife provided my curry steak dinner. So think on. And I still jump down his throat. I think this is the first time I pass judgement. Shocked me too. Not as huge as it…

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Season 3: Me The Artist

Hi folks. In the 4 weeks since we last spoke, I've been designing the Reno's actual excavation 12-06-17, and top secret, romantic, art installation 01-07-17. Every penny had to be accounted for. Hated it. Then loved it. Revived the unashamed artist in me. So I am kicking off this season with me telling…

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Reno Video Memoirs Season Three Begins In March

Meanwhile, I will be booking and filming videos. Filling in missing names and dates on Memorial Wall. Hunting down missing Memorial Wall faces. Building a Map of memoirists' mum and dads' birthplaces.

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Reno Video Memoir Season Two: Alfonso Buller

Season Two's Finale is . . . the one . . . the only . . . wait for it . . . drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllll . . . FONSO BULLER. Who makes me aware that, of course, this project is a continuation of our oral tradition.

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Reno Video Memoir Season Two: David Trigg, Shirley Russell, and Myra Trigg: Part Two

To overcome crack addiction, Shirley escapes being murdered, David and Myra find God.

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Francis Pereira's Funeral

A sad day.

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Reno Video Memoir Season Two: David Trigg, Shirley Russell, and Myra Trigg

Shirley can't keep her eyes in her head: a look pretty half-caste boy. David is classed as a pimp. And Myra is abducted by crack heads. I can't thank them enough for their honesty and all they reveal.

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Reno Excavation Postponed Till October

31 May, 2017

Entire Series Finale: Yemi Megbowen

26 May, 2017

Season 4 Finale: Milton Willis

25 May, 2017

Season 4: Me and Paul Agbaku

24 May, 2017

Season 4: Marie Smith

23 May, 2017


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