Excavating The Reno Unearthing The Stigma Of Being Born Half Caste In The 1950s

My video camera came today. Soon I will be booking people in twos and threes to record their oral history of the Reno. As I learnt watching Brennan and Marcus there is loads of great stuff trapped in people's interactions. Start thinking about your ideal video partner. You can do more than one with others…

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A Working Class History

When we learn about history it is as though no poor person ever lived. There are only kings and queens and dukes and duchesses doing nasty things to each other that we are all affected by. There is nothing dedicated to the person who wiped King George's arse. Or nothing written about the person who lit…

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Plans Shot to Pieces. New Plan Afoot.

More than deflated when it comes to light a lot of Reno Heads don't own computers are not on the web and hate writing. Fucked. Then Dave Brennan, the first left, could only wish he still looked like that, and Marcus, who used to have hair, come to my rescue.

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Friday 14-10-16 Reno Tea Party

You had to be there. We just loved each other. I'd been shitting myself for days. What if no one turns up to my party? You know the feeling. But they did. Just the right kind of people showed up to support excavating our club, unearthing our story. We felt warm and happy to be together. We ate posh cake.…

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Colonising The Whitworth Art Gallery: Dedicated to Carolan Lockett Her Life Celebration Is On Tuesday

15 December, 2017


12 December, 2017

Tony Cole

17 November, 2017

One Day and One Week From Today We Will Again Make History: Dedicated to Tony Cole

15 November, 2017

People Who Made Excavating The Reno Possible

13 November, 2017


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