Reno Video Memoir: Persian, Cottier, and Lati

Two legends and a half-caste. Look what it did to him.

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Reno Video Memoir: Linda Jawando

A Reno barmaid. A big sister to many of us.

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Reno Video Memoir: Lati

A man so famous he don't need a second name.

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The Ship's Engineer

Myra Trigg rang me last night. She'd been in the Wesley secondhand shop on Lloyd Street. Phil's family were wondering why I hadn't been in touch. I called in this morning, camcorder in hand, to apologise after thinking about my huge oversight all night.

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First Reno Video Memoir Trial: Steve Cottier

Exactly what it says on the tin.

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Submitted Heritage Lottery Fund Bid Today

Wow! Brain fried. I'm a totally new person after going through the application for the last chunk of money to make the actual excavation happen. Took every moment of mine and Salford Archeology Director Adam Thompson's time, since I last spoke. But boy do I understand now what this project is about.…

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Our Heritage

This is one of my favourite iconic photos in all the world. And technically they both did go down the Reno in 1979. As foetuses. LOL. Rachel Brogan. Mine and Tom's daughter. And Danny Sarge. Danny and Caroline's son. Aren't they beautiful. Isn't it glorious. Haven't they got style. Don't they look moody.…

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Been crunching figures all day for the Heritage Lottery Fund bid. It was kind of therapeutic, like filing, or ironing. Something where your mind can tick over on the back burner and question what you are actually trying to say. Got in trouble yesterday about my blog, from 4 different angles.

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Excavating The Reno Unearthing The Stigma Of Being Born Half Caste In The 1950s

My video camera came today. Soon I will be booking people in twos and threes to record their oral history of the Reno. As I learnt watching Brennan and Marcus there is loads of great stuff trapped in people's interactions. Start thinking about your ideal video partner. You can do more than one with others…

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A Working Class History

When we learn about history it is as though no poor person ever lived. There are only kings and queens and dukes and duchesses doing nasty things to each other that we are all affected by. There is nothing dedicated to the person who wiped King George's arse. Or nothing written about the person who lit…

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Day 9: Dedicated to memoirist Marie Smith. Her funeral took place on Monday.

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