Memorial Wall: Laura Willis

Laura's was the first of the Reno deaths to hit me hard.

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Memorial Wall: Chris Otoo

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! Man survives axe blow to the head.

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Friday 16-12-16 Reno Xmas Party

Top Night. Thank You.

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Memorial Wall: Coolie

You've all seen Jackie Brown. The moment when Robert De Niro has just come out of prison and he's taken to this house and left with this woman who promptly puts Baby Love on and begins to dance. Well, me and my little crew experienced this in Coolie's.

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Memorial Wall: Farida Farghaly

To capture what I want to say now I'm gonna have to try to take you back to the 70s. There had never been people like them before. All the names I had heard of when I was at school, going to these places I had heard of like Myra's Cafe. Breaking the rules. Dress sense, personality, persona, who you are…

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Memorial Wall: Ameen Farghaly

I fancied Ameen rotten. He's my age group. Thought like I thought. Wore the flak jacket of the day. Believed there had to be another way. Was against the system. Had the sexiest, slightly stooped back, walk. There was this other faction inside the Reno. We were looking for peace, for God, for answers…

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Building A Memorial Wall

A lot of us are saying there are probably more of us dead than are living. There was a real golden era, that seems sprinkled with gold dust even as I sit here thinking about it. We all know who we are. When we were young, healthy, and would walk past each other in the Reno, and nod or say hello, more…

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R.I.P. Lati

Yesterday, Steve, Lati's stepson, told me Lati had passed in the night. His passing feels like a natural break. The video memoirs will resume 02-01-17, the first Monday after Xmas.

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Reno Video Memoir: Sue Taylor Thomas

Awe. Look at the way he is looking at her, and the way it makes her feel.

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Reno Video Memoir: Barrie George and Dave Jawando

Old, Old Skool

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Colonising The Whitworth Art Gallery: Dedicated to Carolan Lockett Her Life Celebration Is On Tuesday

15 December, 2017


12 December, 2017

Tony Cole

17 November, 2017

One Day and One Week From Today We Will Again Make History: Dedicated to Tony Cole

15 November, 2017

People Who Made Excavating The Reno Possible

13 November, 2017


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